Sunday, August 3, 2008

A deep inclination towards Soundslides

Some soundslides are more effective in communicating the message than videos. It’s true that pictures say a thousand words. I think in online newsrooms, soundslides have become a creative channel in giving facts about the subject without being boring or dry.

Online journalism is a growing field and even while we sleep at night, some new software or interactive design feature is being introduced proving that the effort to innovatively and resourcefully communicate to the reader is continuous.

For now, within soundslides there are various options to bring the pictures to life through sound and text. Our Midland has balanced soundslide mix of nature, news features, sports, entertainment and many other genres.

In class we have been working with Audacity - sound software used to edit sound files that can be merged in soundslides. But again my knowledge is basic.

The Birthday Dream Comes True on Midland has a combination of interview voice and natural sound giving a real feel of the environment.

There are so many touching stories on the site worth a visit. Most popular news sites including New York Times, L. A. Times, Democrat and Chronicle etc. are offering new and different news formats of online news. It’s good thing that I am getting a lot of classroom practice before I get to showcase my journalistic talents in the newsroom.

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