Sunday, June 29, 2008

Made it right

I was in Bombay when New Orleans was hit with Hurricane Katrina. We as Indians (and most Asians) could really relate to it having gone through the 2004 Tsunami. A lot of foundations, charity organizations, corporate companies or individual donations came forward to help the cause monetarily and otherwise. But maybe there wasn't always a transparent account on how the money reached the victims, or even if it reached at all?

I got to thinking about this while browsing the Make It Right website. Being a Brad Pitt initiative, it surely has got a lot of attention but he takes on the cause to an interactive level.

Such sites make it quick and easy to donate and get a virtual tour on how the money has been working since the donation. MIR gives an option on the amount you want to chip in. You can click into a house besides the amount box and see every room and furniture that will be added to the house. Again, you can pay for anything inside the house.

Some good 3D studio is put in use in their design section giving a clear picture on the house layouts. Besides, there is entire photo and video update on the pink project implemented for large-scale affordable housing for Katrina victims.

A good combination of interactivity and virtual tours makes any project believable. And let’s face it we want to know that our donations have made a real difference.

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