Monday, June 16, 2008

Virtual rides

In my accidental surfing experiences I have come across many websites that have a great marriage between design and interactivity. There is an unlimited supply of interactive tools that indulge us and going forward in the multimedia era it never hurts to explore what’s out there.

Perhaps as a student of multimedia journalism it will help keep a dairy on websites with an edge in design and content. Car companies have been stretching every cord of interactivity to give you a thorough experience.

It’s simple yet extremely sophisticated in design and interactivity. One such example is the Volkwagen site. Once you get in, there is a plethora of play-and-explore features. You can just pick a model and get every detail of the model. The deeper you go and you wont feel the need to visit the showroom.

You can configure your own model to your needs (from engine to color) and get a quote. It was fun seeing the virtual spray paints changing my Tiguan’s color. It’s playtime for car junkies.

The 'Volkswagen World' section goes into their involvement with racing sports. There is smooth amalgam of videos, flash features and interactivity. The entire tour gives you every aspect there is to know on your favorite ride. What's left is actually driving the wheel.

Interestingly there are many others keeping watch on the funny, amazing and breakthrough websites. Here’s a video I stumbled across on Youtube. This fellow is presenting his collection of funny websites.

Bye surfoholics.

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